Monday, February 18, 2008

Turquoise and Pink

A simple straight line beading done on the flowers on the front side of the baju kurung.

To give a good effect on the flowers, turquoise and pink coloured beads were used.

English Prints

Slanting oval shaped pearl beads sewn on the sleeves of the Japanese cotton baju kurung.

Both end beads are of the same colour of the floral prints.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Purple Flowers

Very rich purple colour beads for Mom's full embroidered baju kurung.

Beads were sewn on the sleeves and the edge of the baju kurung top.

Peachy Sweet

Multicoloured beads spread out on the sleeves of my best friend's peach baju kurung.

A very sweet finished product indeed.

Green & Gold

This was a design I created for my daughter's baju kurung last hari raya.

The sleeves - beaded with alternate green and gold beads. Gold tear drop beads to add the sparkle.

Presenting...Shines & Sparkles

I have put off entries to this blog for sometime. Didn't really have the guts to show off my beading work to the rest of the cyber world. At last today, I figured, is the best time to roll out my pieces.

I am still new at this beading thingy. Have only been making "it" (my beading that is) happen to only close friends and family members.

So people say, I should get serious with this hobby of mine like start promoting my services on the Internet. I do beading as one of my ways to de-stress myself from the all so demanding work I do in the office.

Would beading be the turning point in my life?? Well, till the day that happens, we shall see how it goes...